Email-marketing for artists

Email-marketing for artists

Why should artists use email marketing?
There are some good reasons for using email-marketing and the best reason is that you have full control of the conversations and what you share with the customer.
This gives you the opportunity to create stories and information that involve and active your customers to be a part of your world. That again creates loyalty to your work.

Another reason is to promote sales of albums and new songs being released. This could be done easily with links to the website or platform you use as sales-point.
The most important things to have in the emails are “call to action” buttons that will give the receiver a choice. This could be to buy album or single, or even a link to listen to your song on Spotify or similar platforms.

How to build an email database?
1. Have a subscribe button on your website, or as a link in social medias
2. Offer free download of a song, discounts on albums or merch and other incentives
3. Use concerts and other platforms to collect emails from people
4. Start other media platforms like a podcast or blog to further increase the email collecting.

What you should NOT do
When writing an email dont make it long and time consuming, it should be short and precise in what you want to provide for the reader.
Also be consistent in sending out mails with about the rate, like once a week or once a month. Dont let the mails be sent out three days in a row and then six months later.
Dont make the email flashy and cheap. Yes, you can use good photos and video, but dont over-exceed it to make it look like its taken straight from a turkish kebabshop in a dark alley.

Hope this was helpful for you and that it will make it a bit easier for you to complete your goals as an artist.

Written on the 13th of October 2019 by guest author Stian Rødal.

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