Benefits of using WordPress as a CMS

Benefits of using WordPress as a CMS

WP is without argument the most-often used CMS in the world. It is bigger than the number 2 (Joomla) and number 3 (Drupal) put together.

Ironically, it was designed to be used as a blogging platform, not a website content generator. However, since a blog is basically just a website with a slightly different interface, millions of users have started using WP as a CMS to create “normal” websites, and not only blogs.

As a spinoff, this means that you are safe using WP as opposed to any other CMS – there are so many users familiar with WP, it will be easy to find a new person or company to take over the management of your website in the future, when needed.

Written on the 12th of October 2019 by guest professor Melius Weideman.

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