How To Communicate To Fans In Social Medias

How To Communicate To Fans In Social Medias

When you are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok, maybe even more social medias. How often should you update each channel, for it to be just about enough, not too much, but not too little?

There is no correct answer but here are some of the findings that other successful artists use to follow.

Instagram – Post only one picture per day, but stories can be posted more frequently throughout the day. Posting stories also makes your profile easy to notice every time your followers enter Instagram, and constantly keeps your name in their mind.

Facebook – No right or wrong here, but ideally once a day. 3-4 times per week is also acceptable. Remember to post constantly, not only right before an event or release day. If you post constantly Facebooks algorithm pushes your content higher up on your followers profiles and in front of more people (without having to market the post). If you suddenly go from not writing anything to writing a lot, then Facebooks algorithms will show your posts to less people.

Twitter – You are allowed to be active here. We recommend commenting on others you like, repost the ones you like and generally like others posts. Use 5-10 minutes every day on Twitter. If you are about to release a new single or album, tweet it to your favorite journalists.

We also recommend artists to be active in other social medias such as YouTube and TikTok. Read our blogposts about YouTube and TikTok for more info about those channels.

Written on the 12th of October by the CEO of Sailor Music, HÃ¥vard Bakken.

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