How Live Streaming Your Next Gig Can Do Miracles for Music Career

How Live Streaming Your Next Gig Can Do Miracles for Music Career

The music industry is a fast moving train, and it gets packed so there is almost no space. To imagine almost 50,000 songs get put out in both youtube and spotify a day worldwide is mind boggling . Every artist is chasing for the limelight, that 15min of fame, either you get it or you miss it. The market is very competitive, an artist has to have the star factor and not only that, he or she must have the perfect social media presence inorder to stay relevant. In short, even the big artists are still fighting to stay relevant. Trying to stay in the limelight is important because once you loose the shine , to regain it is just as good as starting all the way from below the stack.

Social media is a powerful tool for both the old and the new artist to stay relevant. An artist has to produce content on a daily basis. For the new artists, the big question is, how will I make this big outbreak? How will I pave way into the close knitt circle of stardom? There are many ways an artist could do this that involve unique creativity. In this case I will talk about live streaming your gigs on social media platforms like Facebook.

Live streaming is a powerful tool that an artist could use to showcase their music. The most beneficial thing about this is that it can be viewed not only locally but internationally. In the case whereby your fanpage has many followers, through viewing and sharing, the video could spread very wide and gain the artist more fans or atleast spark an intrest to potential fans. Lives streaming requires just a simple recording equipment and the outreach is totally free. This is the cheapest way to market music and yet the most effective if done properly.

In order to succeed in reaching the most people with livestreaming the timing must be very strategic, the livestreaming should take place at a time most people will be online. The video must be of really good quality both visuals and the audio. Encourage the followers to hit share to view with others who may like the same genre of music. Consistency is also important, the artist has to continuously work on the content and strategically release it in a way that it will tease the viewers to want to know more about the artist and when he or she plays. The key here is to spark intrest. Through a spark of intrest and making a mark in their potential fans minds, it makes it easier for the viwers to be intrested in watching a live show next time the artist is performing locally.

The reason that makes this method quite special is that, with millions of users on facebook scrolling through their live feeds, the exposure is something worth to take advantage of no matter the scale at which the live gig will be seen by people. Through word of mouth, your fans will share and ask others if they have seen or heard about you. I remember seeing Connor Maynard performing on my timeline once and it just grabbed my intrest from his vocals, it was a live stream that had finished yet it was still available and still being shared all over social media. The videos from the livestream stay posted for a very long time and the number of views and shares will continue even if the live streaming stops. Isnt this something worth trying out? Don’t sleep on this great opportunity and channel. For an artist hungry to make a mark and break through the noice, you should be able to use every possible channel, Livestreaming should be on top of your list.

Written on the 12th of October by guest author Fiona Muzzee.

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