How YouTube Pre-rolls Are An Effective Way of Marketing Your Music

How YouTube Pre-rolls Are An Effective Way of Marketing Your Music

YouTube probably needs no introduction, it´s the global king of video content, and it is an important player in the music industry, as well as the cute-cat-video industry. This blog post is about how you can use it to benefit your artist project.

If you have been using YouTube, you have probably noticed there is advertising in front of certain videos you watch. This is the business model of Google, the owner of YouTube, that keeps YouTube free of charge (unless now you can subscribe to a premium version too). 

The ads that are in front of a YouTube video is often called pre-rolls. These are great for musicians to advertise their music. Mainly because you can get your music in front of a new audience, but also because you only pay for those who watch all of the video.

It is also cheaper than making a full music video, as for this you only really need to make 15 or 30 secords of amazing video content to draw the attention from the audience. So it might be a good idea if you don´t have a budget for a full scale music video. But if you have a full music video, make sure you choose the best part of the song as well as the video. 

Placing your own music in front of other artists that are similar to your own style and genre, most likely someone who like that other artist will discover your music for the first time. When doing YouTube video marketing, make sure you plan ahead and write a list of artists that has inspired you and artists that you think are as similar as possible and copy in the link to each of the videos you think are good for advertising in front of in a document. By choosing the right videos and artists, you will be exposed to the people most likely to like your own music.

And the views of this advertising video will even count as views at your own YouTube profile, although they no longer count towards charts unfortunatelly. As this is a part of Google Ads, you will also have a really good insight into who is watching your videos as well as opportunities to do remarketing towards those who for instance watched the whole video (which most likely means they liked what they heard). 

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This article was written 09.10.2019 by Håvard Bakken, CEO of Sailor Music

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