5 Genius Marketing Tips to Promote Your Music in 2020
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5 Genius Marketing Tips to Promote Your Music in 2020

As the possibilities of online marketing grows, so does the ways you can promote your music as a musician online. Gone are the days where artists need a lucky shot to get big, as social media and online music sharing have empowered musicians to do their own music marketing. And it doesn’t need to be difficult!

This is a guide to the freshest music marketing tips you should use in 2020.

1. Reach millions of music fans using YouTube ad pre-rolls

Video marketing is in the wind these days, and it is hard to find a market channel better to do video advertising on than YouTube. YouTube gets over 30 million visitors per day, so if it isn’t in your strategy yet, then you better get started.

• Valuable content tailored for music fans. If you are going to interrupt someone’s music video with your ad, it better be relevant to their interests and to who you are. This is your chance to show off your music, your vibe, basically why they should check out exactly you to win them over as fans.
• Short and attention-grabbing. The video ad itself should be short and concise. Get straight to the point. Show the coolest part of your ad within the skippable five seconds.
• Clear CTAs and mention them as early on as possible. Make sure to include one (or several) call to actions in your video ad. This way, you make sure your audience does what you want them to do. Don’t be surprised of how many who will do what you tell them to do if you only tell them.
• Play on emotions. Everybody likes to view something that makes us feel something. Not only do we pay better attention to emotive content, but we are more likely to remember what we have seen.

Also, YouTube is still a channel where users often go mainly to stream music videos and listen to music, which make your music ads highly relevant to their actions. Therefore, getting your presence as an artist on YouTube might give you a huge career boost.

2. Let followers share their gigs with Snapchat geotags

Geotags are tags that show the geographic location a Snapchat user is at. By purchasing a geo tag for the area of the venue you will play at, Snapchat users could add your band logo on their snaps. All of a sudden their snaps from the night give you cheap advertising driven by your fans. Talk about crowd sourcing music fans?

You may also consider going all out and launch a gig related filter if you want to go all over the top. If football matches have filters, why should you not?

3. Grow your fan base with Facebook Events

Yes, social media are bigger than ever, but so are people’s needs to connect offline. With Facebook events you can connect with both worlds.

First, make sure to build a Facebook Page that promotes you as an artist. This ensures that curious people who click on your Page will get a good first impression. Only when a representative Facebook Page has been set up you should begin to publish your upcoming music events. This way, not only your loyal followers can easily keep track of your gigs, but people who are searching for something fun to do for the day might stumble you.

You should also once in a while consider purchasing Sponsored Facebook Events Ads to effectively target exactly those people who are interested in similar music to yours. This is a good way to make new fans pay attention to you, and also make them convert as you can sell concert tickets directly from the Facebook Event page.

By being active on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter you not only build your fan base, but you also interact with your fans personally. Building a stronger bond with your fans makes them even more willing to support your work.

4. Include your song on TikTok to attract Generation Z

This one depends a bit on your music style and the fan group you’d like to attract, but if you make music that Generation Z might like, you must not underestimate the power of TikTok.

TikTok is an app where users can upload playful and short video clips with a lot of effects and music. Currently the app has more than 500 million monthly active users globally every day. They are constantly on the lookout for great music to include in their videos, so why not add yours to it?

Other ways to attract attention using TikTok can be:
In-stream videos
• Brand takeover
• Hashtag campaigns

5. Create a Spotify playlist

Another way to add your presence exactly where your audience might be, is to create a Spotify playlist. People go to Spotify to listen to music, so get on it to make them listen to you too. Create engaging playlists that include a mix of other artists, but don’t forget to also promote your music.

You may also want to contact popular playlist creators to ask them to include your songs on there too. Not only does this move promote your music, but you show the market that you can promote other musicians too.

So, we don’t need a record label anymore?

Having said that, you should also consider connecting with a record label. A music label can promote your music using their extensive network and can point you to shortcuts in the industry. Taking the independent record label Sailor Music as example, you send in your music demo and other evidence of your music online. If you become signed, you get help with all the PR and marketing you need to best promote your music.

This article was written 09.10.2019 by Line Røsæg, digital marketer.

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