Why We Created Get Loaded

Why We Created Get Loaded

Get loaded is not a page that will tell you how to get loaded with cash, if we knew that we would probably already be loaded. Our aim, however, is to load you with relevant hints and tips on how to succeed in the music industry as an emerging artist. By following our blog, you will eventually get loaded with new ideas to grow and nurture your own artist project.

From this blog you can expect:

  • The latest marketing tips
  • Discussions of emerging trends
  • How Tos and maybe some How Not Tos
  • Success stories from artists who do it all themselves

So who is behind Get Loaded?

Håvard Bakken is the CEO of Sailor Music, an independent record label based in Oslo, Norway.
Frode Mikal Kværner-Ludvigsen is a business professional, digital marketing student and a synth head.
Line Røsæg is a digital marketing student and rock music enthusiast.

We hope you find content of value here, and invite you to comment on our posts. Join the discussion!

the Blog Owners.

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